Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Test Your Writing

Here are some fun sites that can help you improve your fiction writing.

Have you ever been at a writers' workshop or otherwise received a critique of your manuscript that used terms you didn't understand like "that's a 'Tom swiftly'--change it" or "cut the infodump"? The Turkey City Lexicon is a guide that will help you understand what the critiquer meant and what to do about it.

Have you heard someone say that the main character of a book is a "Mary-Sue" and wondered what that meant? Even if you know, have you wondered if your main character is a Mary-Sue? The Original Fiction Mary-Sue Litmus Test will help you answer either of these question.

Do you feel like your fantasy novel is a work of pure originality, but you keep getting comments back from readers about how elements of your story are old and tired they've been used so often? Then take the The Fantasy Novelist's Exam and discover which story elements you need to change or spice up to make your story more unique.

And, just for fun, read How to be a Successful Evil Overlord. If you want more than laughs, you can use this list to learn what and what not to have your evil rulers do in your novel.


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