Monday, January 14, 2008

Authors and Book Covers

You've probably already learned that authors have very little input into what goes on the cover of their book (unless you're going the vanity press route). Your agent might help you get a change made in the cover if there's a real problem with it, but generally authors are not welcomed in the process. I've collected several links that will help you discover what you can do to influence the final cover.

Author Laura Resnick has a long and very informative article called A Book By Its Cover. Read this article even if you skip the others.

Agent Kristin Nelson on her Pub Rants blog has several posts on what your agent can do to help you:
Trouble With Covers
Discussing Covers: DRESS REHEARSAL
Not a Goddess of a cover?
So What’s An Author To Do?

Lou Anders on Bowing to the Future has several articles discussing science-fiction and fantasy covers:
The Big Book Cover
The Big Book Cover: Part II

I hope this was helpful.

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