Tuesday, January 15, 2008

About the Publishing Industry

Here are some link's I've found that help explain aspects of publishing that most authors aren't directly involved with but will probably find useful.

Bryan D. Catherman has written on his The Hopeless Writer blog about:
How Do Sales Rankings Work?
Publisher vs. Distributor
Wholesaler vs. Distributor
How This Book Buyer Picks
Costco vs. All Other Booksellers
13-Digit ISBN

Miss Snark has written on her blog:
Basic Stuff
How Much Money Publishers Make Off a Book
Getting Backcover Blurbs
ARCs and Used Book Markets
Trade vs. Hardback
Percentage Returns

The Rejecter has written on her blog:
Stuff about Publishing
The Return Process Further Explained

I hope this helps authors understand some of the behind-the-scenes (for them) forces that are affecting their books.

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