Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pitches, Promotion, Contracts, and Technology

Nathan Bransford wrote How to Write a One Sentence Pitch.

Jessica Faust wrote Using Your Galleys to promote your book.

Kristin Nelson wrote eBook Royalty: Another Way To Protect.

Alan Rinzler wrote How an iPad App can add sizzle to your book.

Joanna Penn wrote 5 Reasons Writers Need To Embrace Technology.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Publicity, Pitches, and Writing

Yolanda Johnson-Bryant wrote about Using Promotional Material to Boost Publicity.

Rachelle Gardner wrote Secrets of a Great Pitch.

Kristin Nelson wrote about Starting A Novel In The Wrong Place and POV—Which Is Best?

Karen Witemeyer wrote The Benefit of Hindsight.

Dave Cullen wrote Writing Wisdom.

Nathan Bransford wrote How to Craft a Great Voice.

Mary wrote Know Your Category.

Agency Gatekeeper wrote On Acknowledgments.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Marketing and Contracts

Jessica Faust wrote Author-Agent Agreements.

Rachelle Gardner wrote What's in a Publishing Contract?

Eric wrote Terms to Know: Non-Compete Clause and other Terms to Know.

Christa Allan wrote Journaling Your Way Out of Writer’s Block.

Editorial Anonymous wrote differences in presenting Children vs Adults books.

Alyx Dellamonica wrote Self-Promotion--Starting Too Soon?

Jane Friedman wrote What, Me Market? (Book Marketing for the Clueless)