Friday, July 16, 2010

Writing and Query Letters

Joanna Penn wrote Writing Thrillers: Lessons Learned From James Rollins.

Donald Maass wrote about creating suspense: It’s Not the Cougar.

Why smart characters make dumb mistakes.

Rachelle Gardner wrote A Monkey Could Have Written That and Stuff You Pay For and Sometimes It's Not About Your Book and How Do Agents & Publishers Make Decisions?

Joyce Magnin wrote about revising your manuscript in Seeing the Forest and the Trees.

Jessica Faust wrote Query Don'ts.

Daniel Friedman wrote about query letters in The Rejection Ballet.

Kristin Nelson wrote Why You Can’t Buy An eBook In English Outside The U.S.

Eric wrote about Co-ops and cover art.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Writing and Self-Promotion Advice

Jeannie Campbell wrote Character Stereotypes: The Cynic.

Robin Parrish wrote The Power of Mystery.

Rachelle Gardner wrote Keeping Track of Details.

Nathan Bransford wrote Balancing showing and telling.

Alicia Rasley wrote 9 Questions to Ask Your Main Character.

Mike Duran wrote The Dilemma of Self-Promotion.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Writing, Branding, and Twitter.

Mary wrote about writing for children: Know Your Category and Manuscript Length.

Bryan Russell on the Architecture of Revision.

R.L. LaFevers wrote Does Branding Make Sense?

List of publishers on Twitter.