Thursday, November 15, 2007

Manuscript Format Mistakes

Jessica Faust at Bookends answered a question about Bound Submissions. She basically said that it's okay to send your manuscript bound like a finished book, but the agent and editor will be unconsciously thinking of it like it is a finished product and like no more revisions are possible. If there are some revisions needed, they'll be less likely to take on the person with the bound submission than one who submitted a manuscript. Furthermore, Jessica said:

I would also suggest you avoid putting your acknowledgments and dedication in your manuscript. Not only is this the signal of a newbie, but it also says that you are discounting any work your future agent and editor might have to do for you.

I had wondered when an author sent in the acknowledgments and such since those pages are never mentioned on "how to format your manuscript" websites and books. I had supposed I'd do that after I had a contract signed with a publisher, so it's nice to know I (probably) guessed correctly.

It's been a busy week, so I've been taking the easy way to get blog posts up. I promise I'll write something that doesn't mention Jessica Faust someday soon. ;)

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