Monday, March 16, 2009

Writing, Marketing, Publishing News, and Social Networking

Jessica Faust wrote about Selling Yourself in query letters.

Shrinking Violet Promotions wrote about Swagology 101.

Penny Sansevieri wrote about 50 Things You Can Do to Promote Your Book.

Kristin Nelson wrote about publishing news about the company Anderson News.

Rich wrote about To return or not to return: is that the right question?

Toni Andrews wrote about Confessions of a Contest Judge, Part 3: Thinking Like a Point of View Character.

Cathy Witlox wrote about Editors' Pet Peeves.

Nick O'Neill wrote about 10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know.

David Niall Wilson wrote about using the internet to promote yourself or your company.

Michael Hyatt has written The Beginner’s Guide to Twitter.

Sherice Jacob wrote about 10 Twitter Tools that Help You Work Smarter and 10 MORE Must Have Twitter Tools.

And here's instructions on how to How To Opt-Out Of Receiving Automated Welcome DMs on Twitter.

Tim Ferriss wrote about How to Use Twitter Without Twitter Owning You - 5 Tips.

Laurel Touby talked about doing online book parties and using twitter hash tags to have book parties in The Book Party in the Digital Age.

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