Monday, March 9, 2009

Queryfail, Novelfail, Marketing, and Writing

Agent Rachelle Gardner wrote about Prepare Yourself for Success.

Shrinking Violet Promotions has a post about You Don’t Have To Go It Alone--Marketing Co-ops.

Kristin Nelson wrote about what to do when your book gets a bad review in So PW Hates Your Book.

Tara Lazar wrote about Query Fail: How Not to Land an Agent. (Agents shared in #queryfail specific lines from queries that turned them off from a query. Tara Lazar read these and picked out some reoccurring themes and gave specific examples from the #queryfail twitter feed. Due to complaints by authors who apparently made these mistakes, she's now diluted the post so people can't see specific lines to avoid, but the post is still helpful. The specific examples should still be available at: #queryfail mainly posted on March 5, 2009.)

There is also a #novelfail where there are tweets about where and why a writer lost an agent as a reader.

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