Monday, March 24, 2008

Some More on Submitting Queries

Jessica Faust at Bookends blogged about Multiple Submissions within the Same Agency today. She also wrote about What Credentials Do Nonfiction Writers Need.

Kate Elliott at Deep Genre wrote about How do you Pitch the Multi-Volume [Fantasy] Series to Publishers?

Anna Genoese wrote some advice about Submissions, Part 2. To quote part of it:

Double check your grammar, your spelling, your punctuation. An error on page 14 is forgiveable -- an error on page 1 is not. This one line could even be its own post -- look, just pick a spelling style (British English or American English) and make it consistent. Pick a punctuation style and stick with it. If you always use two hyphens with a space on either end to indicate an em-dash, we'll totally get it -- but be consistent. And if your story reads well and can be understood, precisely following Latinate grammar isn't always necessary. Casual is fine, but for the love of Glorificus, if you even think a sentence might not read properly, read it out loud or ask someone who knows of what they speak for advice. When in doubt, ask the internet.

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