Tuesday, March 18, 2008

All About Agents

The have been a lot of posts lately about agents and what they do. Here are some of them.

Jessica Faust at Bookends wrote about how she goes about considering a nonfiction proposal (though that wasn't the point of the post). She also wrote her take on what she'd want in an agent if she was a writer. She also wrote about Different Agents for Different Projects and When the Client List Is Full.

Miss Snark wrote about when agents say, "I'll get back to you." She also wrote about Submission dead times near holidays and What Percentage Do Agents Sell? and Number of Active Clients and When Agents Stop Communicating and Multiple Agents for Multiple Genres?

Kristin Nelson at Pub Rants wrote about how agents know they can auction a book.

The Rejecter answered multiple questions in a blog post where she also talked about how does an agent submit manuscripts to publishers. To quote the relevant section:

...it varies from agency to agency, but everyone has their own style of submitting and sometimes will not submit the same way to different editors. Good agents know editors personally, so they go out to lunch and the agent talks up this new manuscript they've got, and the editor says, "Send it over and I'll take a look." Or sometimes agents simply mail out the manuscript to as many editors as they know who they know are looking for your sort of novel, hoping for at least a few hits. It depends on the agent, their connections, and their style. The only thing that matters for you is if they make a sale and for how much money.

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