Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Marketing Your Book

If you want to better understand how your publisher will go about marketing your book to get it into bookstore, libraries, etc., and to get readers to buy your book, then here are some informative links.

Rachel at Novel & Short Story Writer's Market blog wrote about:
The publishers have to sell, too
Marketing books

Michael Hyatt at the Thomas Nelson blog wrote about what works in marketing.

The Rejecter wrote about Publishing Houses and Publicity.

On somewhat related topics, Miss Snark wrote about:
First Serial Rights and Marketing
Book Reviews that Count
Why You Should Use Libraries
Book Clubs


BiblioScribe.com said...

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Deborah K. White said...

BiblioScribe.com appears to be associated with vanity press iUniverse. However, it also appears that the services they say are free on BiblioScribe are really free, so I'm allowing this ad to stand--for now.

BiblioScribe.com said...


BiblioScribe.com is not associated in any way with iUniverse, however, iUnivers as well as Lulu and Booksurge advertise on our site.

BiblioScribe.com is a site from Poor Richard web press, LLC that looks to provide free services to authors - especially new authors - who need help marketing their books.

Jim Ward

Deborah K. White said...

Jim Ward,

Thank you for clarifying that information.