Friday, February 1, 2008

Character Names

Fiction writers, do you ever need help coming up with character names? Here are a list of sites that might help.

Behind the Name, Random Name Generator allows you to choose the number of given names as well as which gender and nationality the name should have.

If you want a name with a certain meaning, will generate a list and indicate which culture the name is from.

If you're trying to come up with a Hindu name, then the Hindu Name Generator might help.

Here's another random generator of Unusual, Unique, and Creative Names.

And random names based on the 1990 USA census.

Chinaroad has lists of all sorts of names, including names from different cultures or names inspired by nature, etc.

Phillip Riley has a number of random name generators for different cultures, though they generator is mainly set up for RPG players.

If you write fantasy, then Seventh Sanctum probably has the name generator for you (including boat, tavern, realm, planet, corporation, and heroic names).

Babynames has a name generator that allows you to choose the gender, nationality, and number of syllables in the name.

Babyzone has a random name generator that allows you to choose the gender, origin, and starting letter of the name.

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