Monday, August 24, 2009

Book Trailers and more

Victoria Strauss wrote Publishers' Kill Fees, and Why They're Bad For Everyone.

Rachelle Gardner wrote Myths vs. Facts of Publishing and Should You Go to a Writers' Conference?

Kristin Nelson wrote Why We Have A Marketing Director at her agency and How To Get Money Out Of A Publisher for promotion.

Jessica Faust wrote Before You Sign and answered Random Questions.

Shelli at Market My Words wrote about what authors can do to market their books.

Jennifer R. Hubbard wrote about creating tension by avoiding conflict.

Lisa Gottfried wrote about Book Trailers That Answer the Buy Questions.

GalleyCat wrote How Will Your Book Trailer Upend Readers' Expectations?

Linda Lane wrote about Powerful Verbs Bring Boldness and Vigor to Our Writing.

Peter Terzian wrote Kill Your Darlings cover designs.

Bok Market has a list of Twitter Tools for Finding People.

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