Monday, February 16, 2009

eBooks, Publishing, Promotion, and Writing

Kristin Nelson wrote about When An Imprint Goes Bye-Bye how it affects an author with that imprint. She also explains what Co-Op means and how it's done.

Jessica Faust wrote Rules of Writing and Post-Rejection Protocol and writing The Synopsis.

Nathan Bransford wrote about What Should (ebook) Content Cost.

Alan Rinzler wrote about How successful writers keep up their confidence.

Mike Elgan wrote Here Comes The Ebook Revolution which covers the history of and current motivating forces behind moving to ebooks.

grace_draven wrote about book covers and why their appearance matters.

CJ Lyons wrote about Building Your Brand.

Nice-Mommy-Evil-Editor wrote a post about the Epublishing Business Model.

Laurel Touby spoke about promoting your book through online avenues, which includes information on how to use Twitter to host a book party.

There's a discussion on Hatrack River Writer's Workshop on curse words in fantasy novels.

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