Monday, December 29, 2008

More on Maketing Your Book

M.J. Rose wrote about how to be a gracious guest blogger.

Michael S. Hyatt wrote about Book Marketing 101: What Works and What Doesn’t . He also wrote about Four Surprising Conclusions About Author Websites, Why Every Author Needs a Powerful Online Presence, and Seven Ways to Build Your Author Brand Online.

GalleyCat wrote about Authors Creating Self-Guided Book Club Tours and How To Bring Your Book To Book Clubs, which said:

Last week, GalleyCat reported how novelists Joshua Henkin and Kelly Simmons have collectively spoken with 150 reading groups in person or by speakerphone--pioneers of the self-guided book group tour. Readers chimed in with plenty of suggestions for authors interested in created self-guided book club tours.

One reader suggested: "Webinar software such as Gotomeeting and Webex can support hundreds of listeners at a time. I'm surprised writers aren't using this more."

Mindy Klasky wrote: "I created the Book Groups Wiki, to facilitate authors getting in touch with book groups. Using simple templates, anyone can add their profile as an author or as a book group coordinator. Authors can indicate their willingness to travel, to meet with groups in person."

To which DelOrange commented:

I would suggest trying Yugma in place of GoToMeeting. Same features but for a fraction of the price...there is really no reason to spend big bucks on software in the world of web 2.0.

and another reader suggested, "Dimdim is FREE for up to 25 people I believe."

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